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Artist Title Label Year
Pal Joey Music Retouched By Takeshi Fukushima
"Hot Music"(retouched By Takeshi Fukushima)/ "Freaky" (retouched By Takeshi Fukushima)/ "Mood7"/"Bounce"(retouched By Takeshi Fukushima)/ "When I Get Kindness"/"Close The Lid"/"What Is This Thing Called Boogie"/"Nostalgic Memory"
Ornaments 2019
French Touch 2 "Yes Yes Y'all"(featuring Ben Muller)/ "For All Of Y"all"(featuring-Ben Muller)/ "Higher Now"(Smooph remix)/ "Come On(Fre'do remix)/"What Would You Change"(featuring Teddy.G)/ "Movin Up"(featuring Ben Muller)/ "Crowd Jumpin"(feat DJ PH)/ "Check Out"(De'ni Shain remix) /"Breakin Necks"(Papastomp remix) Pal Joey Music 2016
Between The Lines "Betweeen The Lines"/"Think Positive” Pal Joey Music 2015
French Touch "Spend The Night"(Fredo revisited)/"Get Down"(Fragg Revisited)/"Free"(Deni Shain touchup)/ "One Of A Kind"(Papa Stomp remix) /"One Of A Kind"(Mighty PH remix) / "It's Like That"(De'ni Shai'n lounge remix)/"Just 4 Da Bros"(Deni Shain touchup)/ "You Know Me"
Pal Joey Music 2014
Walk The Dog "I Can't" Coco Machete 2012
French Rap Attack "Blues De Nuit"/"Girlz"/"Wind Up"/"Classer"/"Classer"(remix)/"Game"/"Reality"(instrumental)/"Reality"/"Won"/"Hopskidz" Foot Stompin 2011
Teddy G "Life" Cabaret 2010
Pal Joey featuring Nathalie "Encore" Vega Records 2009
BQE "Verbal Mystifier"/"Sun Moon Stars (Instrumental Mix)/"Punishment"/"Last Messiah"/"King Of The Castle"/"Its Over (Instrumental Mix)/"BQE SKIT"/"BQE"/"B.Q.E Freestyle"/"Awaken"/"Blitz Doctrine"/"Intellectual Massacre"/"Astral Plane"/"Skit2"/"Arabian Nights"/"Its Over" Foot Stompin 1997
Lascivious "You Glow" Wave 2004
Lascivious "She's Here" Wave 2004
Paul Violet "Make My Day"/"Cmon" Foot Stompin 2004
Brio "Ingratitudes" Cabaret 2004
Beautiful People "Harmony"/"I Got The Rhythm" Cabaret 2004
Gary Michael Wade "I Wanna Dance" Cabaret 2004
Dreamhouse "Jump and Prance"/"I Can Feel It" Cabaret 2004
Brio "Carnival" Cabaret 2003
O.P.M. "Fucking With You" Coco Machete 2003
Soho "More Hot Music"/"Subway Series"/"Hot Music" Cabaret 2003
Las-Civ-I-Ous "Nice To See You" Central Park 2002
Dana Byrd "Your Love" Wave 2001
Contrasts "I Sing"/"Glee" Mother Tongue 2001
Sol 2 Sol "No More"/"This Is Class"/"It Feels Good" Dancetracks 2000
Soho "More Hot Music"/"Keep It Together" Cabaret 2000
Los Dos "Tomorrow"/"Mi Savor" Cabaret 2000
Pal Joey "Platinum In The Ma king"/"Got To Be A Pro"/"Be Sleepin"/"Summer Madness" Hard Disk 2000
Expression "Ancestoral Groove"/"Bless Me" Phusion 1994
Expression "Once A Man Twice A Child"/"Keep On" Phusion 1996
Brothers of the Mind "Vocab Spills"/"Rough And Tough"/"Kick Facts"/"Do What Ya Know"/"My Enemies"/"Check Da Pattern"/"Lines"/"Be Sleepin"/"Shootin Da Gift"/"Catch Wreck"/"Stop Scheming"/"I Almost Died"/"Mental Fitness"/"Pop Shit"/"So Be It" Foot Stompin 2010
Brothers of the Mind "Stop Schemin"/"Kick Facts" Max'n 1996
Brothers of the Mind "Rough And Tough" Max'n 1992
The Raw Shit "I Fell"/"When I Get Crazy"/"Love Me Tonight"/"Surprise"/"Love Dub" Nitegrooves 1995
Odin "Another Day" Foot Stompin 1993
Odin "Trees"/"Casualties" Foot Stompin 1992
New Breed "New York New York"/"Say 1 Say 2"/"That's Life"/"Mardi Gras"/"Sunshine"/"Surprise"/"Rat Race"/"Mr. Rogers" Instinct 1992
MKS-7 "Zulu" Pow Wow 1992
No Guilt "Playtime" Pow Wow 1992
Boogie Down Productions "Black Cop" MCA 1992
Boogie Down Productions "Duck Down" Jive 1992
Boogie Down Productions "13 And Good" Jive 1990
Boogie Down Productions "Questions And Answers" Jive 1991
Boogie Down Productions "Who Are The Pimps" Jive 1992
Boogie Down Productions "Love’s Gonna Get’Cha" Jive 1991
Shabba Ranks ft KRS-1 "The Jam" Epic 1992
Cooly Live "Up High On The Down Low" RCA 1992
M.C. Lyte "Take It Off" Atlantic 1991
Blood "Peace In The Nation" Atlantic 1992
Loop-D-Loop #1 "Runaway"/"Here It Is" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #2 "Partytime"/"Raw Love" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #3 "Spend The Night"/"Flight 801" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #4 "Mothers Day"/"Fathers Day" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #5 "Givin It To You"/"Drum Major Instinct" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #6 "Gettin' Hot"/'The Chopstick"/"Shanana" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #7 "What Ya Gonna Do"/"Let's Go"/"Get Down" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #8 "Everytime That We..."/"Freaky"/"Do It Good"/"So Fine" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #9 "Goin 4 Mine"/"Movin Up"/"Breakin Necks"/"Words Preferred"/"Yes Yes Y’all" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #10 "Retarded"/"Catch Da Bodies"/"Watch Ya Back"/"Try To Take A Lead"/"Blues"/"Just 4 Da Bros" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #11 "Let's Go"(Remix)/"Ah Baby"/"Put All The Others Aside"/"Choices" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #12 "Watch Ya Back"/"That's How It Is"/"Making Hits"/"Swim In My Intellect" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #13 "Puff and Lounge"/"Test Me"/"One Of A Kind"/"Heaven On Earth"/"Come On"/"BrothersTheme"/"It’s Like That" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #14 "For All Of Yall"/"The Brothers Don't Miss"/"Freak Freak Yall"/ "Check Out"/"No Need To Guess" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #15 "The Flight"/"My Girl"/"Running In Circles" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #16 "Crowd Jumpin"/"Go Go Go"/"Want My Money"/"Aids" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #17 "Pulling A Cat Out Of A Hat"/"Santeria Samba Groove"/"Thong Test"/"Keep On Keepin On" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #18 "Show Me"/"Computer Love"/"Battle"/"Happy" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #19 "Just The Way You Are"/"Architek Of Time"/"Playtime"/"Crazy Cowboy" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #20 "Toi Et Moi"/"Je T'aime"/"Because Of The Wind"/"Glace"/"No Bongos"/"Elegance"/"Higher Now" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #21 "Show Me"(Instrumental Mix) Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #22 "Encore"/"Encore"(Instrumental)/"Everlasting"/"Thanksgiving"/"Get Down"(Fragg revisited) Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #23 "Bounce"/"Do What You Want To"/"Tomorrow Is Today"/"The Simple Things"/"Romantic"(featuring Shelia)/"Spend The Night"(Fredo revisited) Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #24 "Hearts"/"Feel High"/"Free"/"Perfectionist"/"Ah-Baby-Teddy G remix"/"Free"(Deni Shain touchup) Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #25 "Breakin Necks"(Papastomp Remix)/" One of a Kind"(Papastomp Remix)/"Yes Yes Y'all"(featuring Ben Muller)/"Brand" Loop-D-Loop
Loop-D-Loop #26 "We Show Off"/"Dance(featuring Steve Stryger)/"What Can We Do Now"/"Keep It Simple"/"Feel High(featuring James Duncan)/"What Can We Do Now"(Instrumental)/"Power" Loop-D-Loop
Beautiful People "I Got The Rhythm" Cabaret 1991
Pal Joey "Harmony" Cabaret 1991
Roots Foundation "Aye-Le" Cabaret 1991
Espresso "Ping Pong"/"Let’s Get Down" Maxi 1990
Olonga "Feel The Melody" Minimal 1990
House Conductor "Tonight I'm Going To Love You" Jazzy Records 1990
Wild Boys "Do Your Thing" Underworld 1990
Soho "Hot Music"/"Give It Up" Underworld 1990
DreamHouse "Jump & Prance" Republic 1990
DreamHouse "I Can Feel It" Underworld 1990
Earth People "Dance" Underworld 1990
Earth People "Reach Up To Mars" Underworld 1990


Label Year
Pau Roca
Pleasure Of Love 2021
The Brothers Macklovitch
"I Can Call You" Fool's Gold 2020
"Power Of Love"
Resident Advisor 2011
Cabaret 2004
Three Kings "Shakę Dat Booty"
Coco Machete 2002
Level 3 "Central Line"
Central Pąrk 2001
Children Of Planet Earth "Fly way"
Hipbone 1999
Alexis P. Sutęr
"You Don't Know"
Hipbone 1998
"Cherish The Day"
Sony 1993
Loop Trick featuring Maria
"Beat Freak"
Detente 1993
Kyoko Koizumi
"Tokyo Disco Night"
Victor 1993
Godchildren Of Soul featuring The Klezmatics
"Crown Heights Affair"
Forward 1994
Spiritual Vibes
"Forbidden Fruit"
Bellissima Records 1994
Godchıdren of Soul
"Crown Heıghts Ŕffair"
Rhino 1994
Lt. Stichie "Sexual Healing"
Atlantic 1992
"Crązy Clouds"
Sony 1992
Midi, Maxi & Efti "Ragga Steady"
Columbia 1992
Lısa Stansfield "Tme To Makę You Mine"
Arista 1992
CFM Band "Hold Me Tight"
Rey-D 1992
Geoffrey Williams "It's Not A Love Thing"
Giant 1992
K Çreative "To Be Free"
Talkin Loud 1992
Perception "Feed The Feeling"
Talkin Loud 1992
Dr Alban "Hello Africa"
Arista 1991
Lątin Alliance "Know What I'm Saying"
Virgin 1991
Ingrid Chavez "Hippy Blood"
Warner Brothers 1991
The Orb " Little Fluffy Clouds"
Polygram 1991
Adamski "Born To Be Alive"
MCŔ 1991
Underground Inc. "Magie Noire"
Rey-D 1991
Mazę featuring Frąnkię Beverly "Before I Let Go"
Moo 1991
Deee-lite "How Do You Say Love"
Elektrą 1990
Deee-lite "Good Beat"
Elektra 1990
Cookie/Blazę "Choose Me"
Republic 1990
Fonda Rae "Do You Want My Love"
Flatbush Beat 1990
Paris Ford Project "2Far"
Paris club 1989
The Minute Men  "I Like It"
Tuff City 1989


Pal Joey Music is an edutainment company defined by me as having fun and learning. We focus on music and technology, we specialize in music production, including doing different interpretations of your song. We can also engineer your own production. We have a community of djays that have their own tone to match yours for your next party.
Pal Joey music is for any age group. We truly hope you like our tone.

Joseph Longo III (founder)


BDP Duck down


My dad told me that I have a gift.

Loving every minute of it. Well, not every minute. Hard work, passion, no sleep, getting in the studio and creating.

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Pal Joey Music

Pal Joey Music is an edutainment company defined by me as having fun and learning. We focus on music and technology, we specialize in music production, including doing different interpretations of your song. We can also engineer your own production. We have a community of djays that have their own tone to match yours for your next party. Pal Joey music is for any age group. We truly hope you like our tone.

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